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BestGoldBet is a Company based in Malta providing gaming operators with a unique and tailored real-live gaming solution, enabling our Partners to maximize the customer’s retention and profitability

BestGoldBet’s live solution is an effective product both for land-based and online casinos to attract new players providing a highly realistic and innovative gaming experience. At BestGoldBet we envision and push for a world where there is no difference between offline and online gaming experience, offering to land-based casinos and to online operators as well, the chance to leverage new markets.

Our Services

We provide a complete suite to analyse the data and manage the principal gaming operations.

Real Experience

Live casino games provide the same gaming experience as a real casino and also attract a growing number of online players

We offer

Live casino games have become an essential part of the gaming offer on all online platforms


Integration via API is the ideal solution for customers who already have a gaming platform and want to add live casino games.

Our APIs integrate perfectly with sites offering betting, casino/slots, poker rooms etc…

Integration is very rapid; according to our experience, the integration takes about 5-10 working days.

Thanks to our APIs, the players’ sensitive data remain in the customer’s hands only as we do not require them in order to operate.

Our Skills

A complete Gaming Platform








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