Agreement reached with the “Diamond Palace” Casino in Zagreb and Slovenian Casino “Bled”, two leading companies among the Real Casino sector.
The summer season, usually the time for big market shots, is at the door. But football is not the main object this time; we are on about the world of online casinos with BestGoldBet, one of the world’s leading Real & Live Casino services companies.
Many are the realities already operating thanks to the gaming experience offered by BGB. We are proud of announcing the beginning of the partnership with the “Diamond Palace” Casino in Zagreb and Slovenian “Bled” Casino: shortly then you will be able to sit at the tables of the two casinos playing directly online through the BestGoldBet gaming platforms.
The Diamond Palace Casino in Zagreb is a young reality, inaugurated in December 2016, but it is set up with elegant and glamorous environments and all amenities and services for its guests as one of the most prestigious European destinations in the casino world. A historical reality and closely linked to tourism is instead the Casino Bled, as the name suggests situated a step away from the magnificent alpine lake of the same name, and Slovene, the destination of many lovers of natural landscapes, relaxation and tranquillity.
Thanks to the services offered by the BestGoldBet Real & Live Casino, players will be able to come online and be “catapulted” on the real tables of two land-based casinos for a unique experience. But what about Real Casino and how does it differ from Live? In both situations, this is a live streaming of a casino game, where all your actions and decisions interfere with real casino dealer. But while with “Live Casino” we intend a studio environment dedicated to online activities, with “Real Casino” the games are broadcasted from a real casino tables, which will be simultaneously engaged in activities for both terrestrial and online casino customers.
BestGoldBet is a Malta-based dealer and operates in software development for gaming. Over the years it has steadily grown, focusing particularly on the enhancement and diffusion of products such as Real Casino and Casino Games. The peculiarity of the services related to Real Casino has brought BestGoldBet among the leaders in this industry, also thanks to the trend and the great demand for this type of gaming activities concerning customers of land-based casinos as well as online ones. Many are already partners and users of BestGoldBet products and many more will be announced in the short and long term.

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