At BestGoldBet we develop web-based applications for the iGaming world.

The iGaming world poses a set of requirements for supporting systems that challenge both hardware and software solutions. It accommodates several types of online games, ranging from sports betting to live casino, from massive multi-player poker to one-shot slot machines. Our reference architecture leverages on the available spectrum of developer products and technologies to provide a viable solution with proper costs scaling with customer size.

With respect to web-based applications, it is interesting to distinguish these products and technologies as server-side or client-side.

On the server side, our initial winning decision was to rely on the world’s most appreciated and advanced environment represented by the Java programming language and SQL-based relational databases.

We started using Java, when writing a web application was only possible by using beta-level server software. Today we develop our software by leveraging the full-featured enterprise Java ecosystem, with particular attention to lightweight technologies that form the basis for modern web-based applications and mobile web-based and native apps.

We also use Java for the development of real-time interactive web applications and live video streaming, and to do this we rely on the Wowza Media Server, a high-performance media server that enables the development of Java modules for real-time interaction with Flash-based clients.

Oracle has always been our database of choice. As we design and optimize our databases for both online transaction processing and business intelligence, we need a solution that provides flexibility in all of these aspects. Oracle has been the right solution.

On the client side, we always worked with the objective of building complex applications and not merely websites. In order to do so we adopted the most diffused technologies, i.e. AJAX and Adobe Flash. Whereas initially the Flash-based solution was the only one viable for building complex user interfaces (for games in particular), today there is a significant shift toward the development of Javascript/AJAX applications due to the diffusion and support of the HTML5-enabled browser on both PCs and mobile devices. For this reason, we continue to write and support our Flash games but also develop new full-featured applications and games for the HTML5-enabled browsers, also known as single-page applications.

BestGoldBet produces software, and software is made up of tons of lines of code put together by an organized group of programmers. As our process is modeled toward extreme programming and agile development concepts, we consider people as our first priority and code as our most important deliverable, thus coding is considered to be a fundamental skill. All process activities are organized to facilitate and speed up coding, in attempt to fill the gap from business modeling to deploy with a supported and traceable path. Therefore, we have also adopted the Jira project and issue tracking software with a set of additional modules to support agile project management, time tracking, and cost evaluation.